Abstract submission guidance

There will be opportunities at the Conference for the presentation of Original Communications in both Oral and Poster formats. Anyone wishing to present should complete the online submission process as indicated below. Delegates may be presenting author on not more than two Communications, not more than one of which may be an oral communication. They may be co-authors on any number of communications. Acceptance of abstracts will be confirmed only if the presenting author has registered for attendance at the Conference.

The deadline for submitting Abstracts for consideration is the 15th July 2020

Abstract Format
The title and affiliations of the authors should be in the following format:

Effect of a milk protein solution consumed after exercise in the heat
A Aardvark1, W Walrus2
1 Dept of Misleading Science, University of Fairyland, England
2 Department of Moral Philosophy, University of Oxford, Australia

The text of the abstract should be in one continuous paragraph. The body of the abstract, not including the title and the author details, should not exceed 2000 characters (not including spaces) in length. It should NOT contain sub-headings (Introduction, Aim, Results, etc). The abstract should be self-contained and should consist of text only. It should not contain any figures and tables should be included only if absolutely necessary. Abstracts should contain new information, either in the form of original research data or as a novel insight into an established issue. Abstracts reporting original research MUST include sufficient data to support any conclusion reached. It is not satisfactory to simply describe what was found (such as, "the treatment group increased their fitness more than the control group") or to only include statistical results (such as, "associations were significant at p < .05"). References to the published literature should not be included except to describe methods used. Abstracts will be reproduced in the Conference proceedings book.

Selected Abstracts will be published online. Journal to be confirmed.

Oral Presentation Instructions

Please note that 15 minutes is assigned in total for each oral presentation. This includes time for discussion and your presentation should not last more than 10 minutes. It is essential that the sessions run to time and the Chairs of the sessions will ensure that the schedule is adhered to.
Your slides should be uploaded in the lecture theatre prior to your presentation. There will not be an opportunity to use your own laptop for your presentation.

Poster Presentations Instructions

Your poster should be put up by 10 am on the day of presentation. You should stand by your poster on the morning and afternoon coffee breaks on the day of your presentation. Posters should not exceed 1 metre by 1 metre.

Abstract submission form

Abstracts should not exceed 2000 characters and will be reproduced as submitted in the conference proceedings. (Please read the abstract submission guidance on the left before submitting your abstract.)

Files must be a Word document max size 10MB